INNOVV K1 is developed in response for customers’ need as below. 


Hi Innovv, I have been in the market for a good dual camera set up for my bike after an accident tore my bike apart and I was unable to find the guy who did it after he ran. The snake lenses are a stroke of genius and exactly what I’m looking for, however, I was hoping to find a dual set up to cover both front and back. I was wondering if there were any plans to add a dual lens camera to the line up. Just 2 waterproof lens I can mount where I need, and a camera I can mount under the seat which provides all the security, safety from impact, and water protection we need. The only thing more I could ask for is a dual lens hub to stream line a dual set up like I am planning. I appreciate any incite with your future plans for this product. Thank You, Chad.


INNOVV K1 has two unique sets of lenses. One set is designed for vehicles, and the other set is designed for motorcycles.

A stylish and light design for the vehicle’s lenses.

Dual lenses for simultaneous recording in front of and behind your vehicle. The discreet lens design allows for a “Fit and Forget” installation.A 360 degree rotation, and angled adjustment in front, back, left and right. Easy and solid mounting onto front and rear windows with 3M tape.

Designed with you in mind, there is 3 meters of flexible data cable for the front lens, 6 meters cable for the rear lens.

INNOVVK1 Vehicle set.

Recording unit, GPS, Car charger, Wired remote controller, 2 Vehicle lenses. 


Smart designed lenses with solid aluminum casing, specifically for motorcycles.

The discreet lens design allows for a “Fit and Forget” installation. Water and weather resistance means no more worrying about riding on rainy days. ¼”screw holes on top, left and right side to fit different mounting needs on motorcycles.

Designed for motorcycles, there is 2.5 meters of flexible data cable for the front lens, 1.5 meter cable for the rear lens.

INNOVV K1 Motorcycle set.

Recording unit, GPS, Car charger, Wired remote controller, 2 Vehicle lenses. 


Compact built multi functional and comprehensive operation & recording unit.

A sizeable 2.7” LCD with function keys allows for easy configuration and even lets you review live footage or recordings from either one of the channels or both.

The ports on the recording unit and the plugs for the lenses and other inputs are clearly labeled to minimize wrong connections.

The modular design of our lenses and the recording unit means that it is easy to swap it between vehicle and motorcycle by using the same recording unit, power input and just connecting the different lens sets. Simple Plug and Play.

The stylishly designed easy to access Control Button gives you a way to quickly control important camera functions.

The visible red LED indicates a recording status when riding.

An extended press of the button starts and stops camera recording.

A quick press locks the currently recording segment from being overwritten, later.

GPS with Registrator Viewer for recorded video.

Using the GPS and Registrator software can display the whole route and an arrow with the current position and direction of your travel for the video. It even allows you to click on the route and video seek to the time when you were driving at a given point. This is made easier for you by having timestamps along the route.

Auto On/Off Activation, Loop Recording, and G-Sensor Detection.

Auto On/Off ensures that your camera automatically begins recording as soon as you turn your engine on and, unless park mode is activated, turns the camera off when the engine is turned off.

The hassle free Loop Recording relieves you from having to manually clear old, uneventful footage by automatically recording over it.

A G-Sensor detects dramatic acceleration shifts, usually indicative of an accident or the result of sudden braking, and automatically saves those recording segments from being later overwritten.


Park Mode that continues recording even when your vehicle/motorcycle isn’t running.

When the park mode function is enabled, INNOVV K1 uses a replaceable, internal battery to continue recording for up to 1 hour after you turn your engine off. Park mode can be particularly useful in parking lots or street spots, where you vehicle/motorcycle is especially vulnerable to damaging break-ins or hit-and-runs.

Not like a bar mounted action camera that is easily stolen.

No thief want to spend time on the wired lens. 

The well designed pouch helps protect the recording unit which can be fitted under a seat.

The pouch also helps to prevent connections being damaged or working their way loose.

(The pouch has been removed from the package because new developed cable connection clip added to DVR and it can not fit into the pouch, the DVR holder is included in the package for fixing DVR)

Worrying about scratches, dirt, dust on lens while riding?

The specially  made lens protection is the solution.

140° Wide Angle lens for road encompassing footage.

With a 140° viewing angle, the K1 compares favorably with other dashboard cameras, and gives your recordings a panoramic quality that takes in both sides of the road. With two wide angle lens capturing the surroundings in front of and behind your vehicle, your footage can truly be road encompassing. 


With LDWS + FCWS Detection system.

Once configured, you can be warned when a vehicle begins to move out of its lane and there is an imminent danger. The K1 not only helps recording, it also helps your driving/riding safety.


Installation on car.

The sleek and compact design of the lens makes it hard to notice.


Installation on motorcycle.

The sleek and compact design of the lens makes it hard to notice.


The K1 motorcycle camera install video

Thanks for Alessandro Civick, they made the install to be simple and easy, and the video is funny for watching.