See it, Touch it, Like it™

INNOVV C3, World’s First Mini Snake motorcycle camera,

Pro-design and multi-funcationality make the C3 an outstanding step forward in the action and dash camera industry. 

It’s discreet dashcam, A professional motorcycle camera, A head mounted bullet camera, even a gun camera. 


Innovation beyong expectation.

A motorcycle camera with both narrow and wide-angled lenses,  Both are interchangeable on the same camera system, 

INNOVV has created that camera and even more with the new C3

Are you a motorcyclist that’s looking for a simple and easy to mount camera?

INNOVV motorcycle camera C3 is the answer for you. 

It can be easily mounted on your helmet, or anywhere on your motorcycle giving you any different ways and angles to capture your adventure or just your every day commute when using the auto power on and loop recording features. 


Low profile design lets your capture all of your adventures without looking like a “Teletubbie”


Road bike, mountain bike or commuter bike, put the C3 on your handlebars or your helmet to capture everything and protect yourself with a video record of what really happened when that car that didn’t see you pulled out in front of you. 



Much more than just an action camera, INNOVV C3 was also designed as a dash cam so that in case of a accident you’ll have an unbiased witness for insurance and police purposes. 


Some of the great features of the C3 include.


  • Small and discreet to not draw attention.

  • HD video recording – 1080p @ 30fps & 720p @ 60fps

  • Waterproof remote lens for those rainy days.

  • Permanent adjustable mount, and easy to install mounts. 

  • Auto on and off setting so that you won’t have to remember

  • Endless loop recording mode

INNOVV motorcycle camera C3 is installed under head light as the moto dashcam for daily ridding. 

The close look. 

Drinving on the way, have fun and enjoy!

The well made Innovv motorcycle camera logo on the motorcycle. 

Worried about someone breaking in to steal your dashcam?

The small and discreet profile of the C3 makes it ideal as a mounted dashcam in your car. It’s all black matte finish and it’s small size makes it all but disappear from outside the car. 

It was hard to get INNOVV C3 to show up in a photo from outside the car.

The finish and size along with the window reflection lets the camera blend in to its surroundings. 

Do you want to record what happened when you sight in your target and pull the trigger?

Just put the C3 on your rifle or use the POV headset mount and record your hunt to share with your friends.

The C3 mounted on Remington 870 12 ga Bullpup Unlimited conversion. 

Is that cool?



People shared that INNOVV C3 attached to one of my friends kids that plays airsoft with his friends.
Mount is the POV headset that comes with the camera.
video is recorded @ 720p resolution



The POV headset mount is perfect for recording your airsoft, action pistol, paintball and any of your shooting hobbies. 

Let everyone see what you see.



The innovative behind the ear POV mount doesn’t interfere with headwear so you can stay protected and covered up while capturing every moment.

Making DIY-How to videos has never been easier than with the C3. 

With the belt mount and the heaset mount for the remote lens your hands will be free to do anything. 

And with the remote mic for great audio everyone will be able to clearly hear you. 

Teach everyone how to fix something and also record it for yourself so that you have a record of how it came apart so that you can put it back together. Also works great to post up video questions when you get stuck on a project and need some help figuring it out.


Want to do a pictures based How-to? Just record with the C3 and you can pull high resolution pictures from the video so that you can keep your hands free and don’t have to stop and take pictures at every step. 



Are you the next Food Network star? Use the headset mount  while you cook and you can share your recipes and techniques with family and friends, or even share with the World on YouTube!

Recording your training session with the C3 will let you share your progress with everyone and help to keep you motivated.