Testing videos

After watching below videos, you’ll be impressed how the decent video quality is!

For more videos and reviews, you can visit INNOVV actio Camera Channel on YouTube.

If want to watch the true quality of the original videos, the untouched video clips can be downladed from the below downloadable files.

The decent night video quality

Recording unit Diagram

Indicator of Switch positions

Indicator of Function Keys

Indicator of LED colors

Technical Specification

Processor                              Novatek NT96650

Image Sensor                        Aptina AR0330 1/3-Inch CMOS Digital Image Sensor

Resolution                             Full HD 1080p(1920×1080) 30fps / HD(1280×720) 60fps

Video Bit-Rate                       Average 15Mbps

Video Format                         H.264, 16:9

File Format                             MOV

Video Flip                               Auto 180 deg. Rotation

Dynamic range                      Firmware enhanced WDR

White Balance                        Auto
Exposure                                Auto

Microphone                            Built-in

Speaker                                 External speaker support via AV cable for playback

AV-OUT                                 PAL/NTSC

I/O Terminals                         USB 2.0 / AV

Operating Temperature         0°C ~ 65°C

Storage Temperature            -20°C ~ 70°C

C1 Lens                                  6G glass lens, F/ON=2.0 f=2.3mm ,diagonal 150°/ horizontal 100° / vertical angle 90°

C2 Lens                                  6G glass lens, F/ON=1.8 f=2.8mm ,diagonal 160°/ horizontal 110° / vertical angle 94°

Cycle  Recording                    Support (3min)

Internal Memory                     64MB (SPI) Flash memory

External Memory                    Micro SD Card up to 32GB

Power Supply                         600mA Li-Polymer, up to 100Min recording for 1080p

Power Charging                     60min for full charging

Night Sight                              LED Light

PC Camera                             640×480 VGA Image

Dash Camera                          Engine starts/stops, Recording starts/stops

Dash Camera functions          G-Sensor Parking mode

Date & Time Stamp                Support

Auto Power off                        Auto/1min

Flicker Frequency                   50Hz/60Hz                    

Power Input                             DC5V

Mini USB port                          8 pins with proprietary usb cable

Dimensions                             62x39x18(mm)

Unit Weight                             44g


Video File Name and Protection

User Manual for INNOVV C1

Please review and download it from the below downloadable resource.

INNOVV C1 Firmware updating list


Please review below FW upgrading list and remark,

Downloade the last version from the below downloadable resource.


Upgrading Procedure- you also can refer the FW upgrading instruction video from Bobflyman

  • Download latest FW from below downloable resource and Unzip file.

  • Insert SD card to your camera, it should be class 10 or above.

  • Plug in camera to PC. Turn the camera on, PC should see the camera as a drive and give it a drive letter.

  • Open the drive and delete any files you see (after saving videos you may have taken of course!) Then delete DCIM folder.

  • Copy bin file to now empty card (shown as drive)

  • Leave camera plugged in. Turn off camera. Wait a second or two. Turn on camera. LED should flash slowly, then after a few seconds quickly this shows FW is being updated.

  • DO not switch on or off, or unplug while LED is flashing or you may destroy camera.

  • Then a few more seconds later LED will stop flashing.

  • Unplug camera. File is automatically deleted and FW is now updated. Your previous setting will have been saved such as no date stamp, auto power off, etc.

INNOVV C1 GUI updating list


Download the last version-V0.03 from the below downloadable resource.


Upgrading Procedure

  • Download the GUI programme from the below downloadable resource.

  • Execute the GUI programme on your computer.

  • Set the camera settings as you require then click ‘Save Configuration file’Plug in your camera with the usb cable provided

  • Turn on the camera and your pc will see the camera as an external drive.(You may need to open Windows Explorer or click My computer to see drives.)

  • Click on ‘Save to camera’ and select the camera shown as a drive.

  • Leave the camera plugged in and turn off.

  • Then turn on again.LED will flash for a few seconds and the stop flashing.

  • Turn off the camera and unplug the cable.

  • The new settings have been saved.

  • The GUI file is deleted automatically.

INNOVV C1&C2 GUI manually setting for Mac and Android


Download INNOVV C1 Manual Settings_2014 02 10 from the below downloadable resource.


Manual Settngs:

Open the enclosed c1config.bin file with notepad or text editor.

Using the reference list above manually change the parameters of c1config.bin.

When finished save the file as c1config.bin directly to sd card or to folder on your pc.

With the new c1config.bin file on sd card restart camera to update settings.

The Instruction for the basic operation


To avoid damaging the camera and the best understand the buttoms and functions, 

Please watch the video from Bobflyman before start it up.