Excellent Day and Night video quality,

1920 x 1080 30fps /1280 x 720 60fps.

High definition video recording, INNOVV C1 enables excellent results even in challenging lighting conditions and high-contrast scenes.

INNOVV C1 captures the high-resolution still images,

3M photo resolution,

Takes advantage of the full sensor original size for sharpest image.


INNOVV C1 has multifouncations to meet your needs,

Work as dash cam. Autostarts when you turn on the engine.

Can be used as a web cam for video communication. 

See it, Touch it, Like itâ„¢

INNOVV C1, World’s Most Stylish Action Camera,

Its ultra-compact, stylish pro-design allows you to keep Innovv C1 in your pocket, wear it on your neck.

Always carry it with you to record your fun while enjoying at a party, cycling, driving, climbing, flying, paragliding,

Whatever your activity is.

High quality INNOVV C1 records your special moments in life.

Single-die aluminum shell available in a variety of colors to meet your personal taste.

A life is colorful, and we made our camera to match it.

Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, you can get an INNOVV C1 in a color of your choice.

INNOVV C1 holder has the unique design and high-end transparent color.

Wear it, Mount it, in whichever way you like.


Exploring in the dark, night?

The brightness LED light from INNOVV C1 brings you the cutting-edge light solution in recording.


Cycling is both a sport and a hobby, right?!

INNOVV C1 tracks your fantastic cycling.


The girl is fashionable, Guy is cool? Right!

INNOVV C1 can make that happens to you.


The motorcycle brings you to a wide world,

INNOVV C1 records how the pleasure and fulfillment you get from the nature.


An enthusiast of paragliding or RC heli?

Small size, Light weight, High video quality, These features make INNOVV C1 your best tool for recording your adventure and fun.