INNOVV Power Hub1

Wires and Connection

Ignition trigger- yellow wire (145cm/57”)- connect to switched power source like head light, trial light, horn.

This wire is sending electrical signal to trigger power supply for 5 red positive (+) out put leads.

Positive(+) power lead (Input)- Red wire (47cm/18 ½”)- connect to the positive point on battery from bike.

Ground(-) (Input)- Black wire (47cm/18 ½”)- connect to ground point on battery or frame of bike.

Positive(+) power lead (output)- Red wire (33cm/13”)- connect to the positive lead of the device.

Ground(-) (output)- Black wire (33cm/13”)- connect to the ground lead of all devices.

LED indicator and Power on/off delay

Once ignition on/off, the connected devices/accessories will power up/off after 10 seconds delay that is to avoid power supply to devices drop down when engine start/stop.

  • Red LED light up, the device is failed.
  • Blue LED flash, 10 seconds power supply delay.
  • Blue LED solid on, power supply.

Electric current of input and output

Input, the max is 40A.
Output, each wire has 5A inline fuse, that can be changed per need, but no more than15A, total current for 5 wires no more than 40A.