Product Overview

Unboxing Video



Wire Connection

SD Card & Recording Time

Pin side up to insert SD card into DVR If SD card is 64GB or even more, It should be formatted in-device using the mobile app before recording begins.

Lens & Mount

Lens & Mount

1. Apply rubber pad into the mount.
2. Insert screw driver to the gap to increase the diameter of mount.
3. Insert lens to the mount. the logo on lens is up. Do not push the glass.

12V to 5V DC Converter Connection


  • Red wire is to the positive terminal of battery,
  • Black wire is to the negative terminal of battery,
  • Yellow wire connects to a switched power source from your bike such as ignition, head light, trial light etc.
  • Do not Join the yellow & red wires to the switched power source, if not, the last video clips can not be well saved.


  • Consistent power supply, won’t drain internal battery during riding.
  • Recording start/stop follows ignition on/off, so your ride will always be captured.
  • 10 seconds power on/off delay to avoid power drops when engine starts, that protects camera system to work properly.

Operation and LED Indicator

App Download and Operation

  • Search and download INNOVV K2 on the Google Play Store for Android or the APP store for Apple devices.
  • Scan above QR code to download INNOVV K2 App right to your device.
  • Always update firmware & App to the last version.

  • App permissions should be allowed to access App.

  • Select INNOVV_K2_*** from WiFi networks to connect. or,
  • Settings => Wireless & networks => INNOVV K2
  • Default password is 12345678.

App Connection