To RC People

This blog is from Innovv Team for people on the RC Group.Innovv C1 is born and We’d like to introduce it to people on the forum.  I fully understand that people will associate the Innovv with the team of the #18, and will assume that support and communication for the Innovv C1 will be no different to that for the #18 or #26. Firstly, I can tell people that while Innovv has support from the team of #18, it operates independently. (More information regarding this can be found from the blog.) Due to the association behind, Innovv C1 and Mobius, People should compare with these two cameras, Mobius has been a great success,

  • People are talking about it everyday,
  • It has a good reputation and is successor to the #16,
  • Tom Frank has over ten years experience in managing and leading discussion on the forum to support on Mobius threads.
  • Isoprop is supporting on FW and new development, communication with people in technology. 


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