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If people have knowledge or experience of the Chinese electronics industry, they will know of Huaqiangbei.  It’s one of largest electronics markets in China and the world with10 thousand retail outlets, more than 20 shopping malls and a daily traffic of more than 0.5 million people.  Why is it so large and successful? The only reason is you can find any electronics part and any product there at the low possible price!  Why do they have the lowest possible price? Because of competition.  There are over 0.3 million electronics manufactures within 120km! But the competition is tough, ever tough. When struggling to survive the manufacturers must keep costs down, always using cheaper materials and also making fake and copied products, So not only the “Lowest possible price”, but “Poor quality” and “Counterfeit” are Huaqiangbei’s other reputation. This has a big negative impact on “Made in China”. To complete reading, Please click