I ordered through the Innovv site on Sunday, and took delivery of the package the following Friday, not bad for posting from Hong Kong.

In the kit you get two water resistant cameras, a water resistant button, gps unit, DVR unit, and a bunch of 3M sticky stuff. Build quality looks to be quite nice.

Installation was pretty easy, I know nothing at all about electronics so I had troubles getting the power sorted out, the instructions say to wire directly to the battery, but that would leave the unit always on. So after a lot of frustration and google, I wired the negative to the battery and the positive to the headlight fuse (I have no idea how or why this works, and I hope i’m not doing any damage to anything by doing this). So unit now powers on and off with the ignition.
 Some photos here: Read more, click below link,  


This is BMW K1600, People show how he install INNOVV C3 on it. Looks simple and cool.   Camera mounted on lower pan of oil cooler duct. I removed the plastic to make the hole. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to reinstall unless the upper fairing panels are removed. If you do this, punch a hole in the plastic in place, with a heated length of 1/4″ brass hobby tubing. This is the 90-degree lens, and it has a perfect view here, No cutoff bottom or top.  Camera cable (the shiny one) runs down to the left side pocket, so I could use the exiting USB connector for power.  I used brass tubing with a sharpened end in a drill to make a new hole in the existing cable grommet. then cut a slot to the hole. After reinstalling it, I sealed the slot with a 2-part urethane adhesive, which remains flexible. Silicone caulk would probably work as well.  I removed the pocket clip and and the lugs it was screwed to, along with the tripod mount to make a flat bottom on the recorder clip.  Recorder unit in side pocket. I shortened the power cable from 2M to about 6″, and stuck the clip to the side of the pocket with Command sticky strips, I have to unclip it to pull the micro-SD card if I want to copy the videos to my computer, or plug into it locally with the data cable and a laptop. The gray thing is my garage door transmitter.  The close look, Without the direct light, you can barely see it.    The front look, Nothing to put away when parked, and it’s always on when the bike is.   

Willy 510 and INNOVV C3

 I’m really impressed Willy510’s rich knowledge and solid skill for what he has done with the INNOVV C3 since the early stages of development, testing, and now supporting the people that are using the C3. I’ve collected a few of his posts and videos below to share, and people said, Willy is “DA MAN”! Below is message from Willy 510,Put one of the C3’s in the rental car while I’m up in British Columbia Screen grab from my phone, don’t have my laptop with me to get a high resolution frame grab.  The POV mount makes it easy to get video and pics when you cross a bouncy suspension bridge while holding on.  Made a highlight video using a couple of C3’s of my trip to British Columbia last week, Shot videos using Innovv C3 camera using POV mount and dashcam mount in the rental car, POV videos are using the 120 degree lens , dashcam videos are 90 degree lens.   Here’s what the Innovv logo looks like the the C3 point of view(He made the logo, and people said it looks great.)   You also can see how he put C3 on gun.    More than the videos, He is sharing his DIY projects and skills, I saw one of these on line last night and thought maybe it might make a decent cheap weather resistant case for the recording unit. I stopped at a hardware store on the way back from work today and found them 1.25 inch in diameter and 12 inches long for a whopping $1.45
The caps fit night and snug and are flexible and the tube is flexible too. It flexes into an oval shape with the recoding unit in it and I poked a couple of holes in the caps for the cords and did some length trimming with scissors.
  Also if you were wanting a longer cable for your lens, I bought a couple of mini HDMI extension cables and was able to extend the lens cable length to 3.9 meters or just under 13 feet with no negative effect to video in the tests I did today. I don’t know if that’s the limit for extension, it’s just the length that I bought.  Here’s how to make the external mic work while to have power to the camera.
You’ll need to be able to solder small things and not be afraid to cut up the camera cables that you just bought, also a right angle micro usb housing or any plug housing that you want to use, small pliers or tweezers and a razor blade and a hot glue gun.
    And he tells me that there are more DIY mods to come…                                                                                           

INNOVV C3, The Next Step

We made the move.    Don’t be surprised, we’re not making weapons, we’re still developing mini action cameras, but finally after many months of development and testing, the versatile new INNOVV C3 snake cam is about to be released! What can you do with it?  It’s a fantastic gun camera as you can see. But more than that, very easy to mount anywhere on a motorcycle.  A really great discrete dashcam? A good looking action camera with style and better than other action cameras. Why?Do you want catch a wide world? You can have 120 degree wide angled lens.  Maybe you’re not keen on the fisheye look for your video?  A narrow lens is also supplied.           OK, so what is in the packing box?Handlebar mounts, head mount, car dash mounts, AV TV lead, charge lead and 12 volt USB plug. And even an external lapel microphone. Mounts for every purpose you can think of. More than that, Very good quality HD 1080 video, lenses and mount options and at a very competitive price. To learn more, Check out the video below.