INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera System was Installed on BMW R1200GS

Rossano installed the INNOVV C5 motorcycle system on his BMW R1200GS He shared the following photos. The full image of R1200GS The lens  The DVR The lens clip INNOVV C5 has the features as below:​1. Whole set is waterproof, 2. Improved cable to avoid EMI3. Type C connector and two screws to fix the connection.4. WiFi/App, easy to connect camera and mobile phone for setting, video review, and sharing.  Click the below link for more information of INNOVV C5 Motorcycle System  

INNOVV K1 Motorcycle dashcam installed on Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

It took me a fair while but mainly because I had to think carefully about where I wanted INNOVV K1 Motorcycle dashcam on my Triumph Tiger 800 XCx. I didn’t want them easily visible or protruding. I also wanted to make as few holes in my bike as possible. I also don’t like to see wires where they aren’t supposed to be. The wires were routed under the tank and along the chasis and hooked to the existing loom. In addition I also covered each wire with shrink tubing and then covered the loom (in all there were two wires: the ignition dependent wire and the camera cable) with another shrink tube. This made it robust and protected it more from the heat of the engine.   I had to make the brackets you see because I do not have a ready supply of bracket solutions as the shops here are not very imaginative. (I live in Spain). The only hole I had to make was the one in the flyscreen; the fixture for the rear camera is attached to the existing indicator fixture via a home made angled piece of steel. The positioning is not perfect because you get a view of the indicator but discretion was paramount (important) because people like to steal things here. Both cameras have rubber “O” rings where they attach to reduce any vibration and as you can see from the footage, they do not vibrate at all.  Front camera   It’s a good idea to make a diagram of the cables and wires because it saves a lot of re-shrinktubing afterwards; it leaves it much tidier if there is only one cable in the form of a loom rather than lots of wires tied together. Rear camera   A word on wiring solutions. This was another reason it took me the best part of a month to install properly. I opted to buy a” FUZE BOX”. A fuze box comes with the relay, is much tidier than wiring a relay and you have up to six slots to use for other accessories. In line with that to the CTRL box went the converter and then the CTRL box. The fuze box fits nicely under the top box cover where there is a nice space for all the cable slack and fuze box. DVR  GPS  

INNOVV K1 Motorcycle camera installed on SUZUKI V-STORM 650

Thanks Rax from Taiwan, he shares the k1 motorcycle camera install on Suzuki v storm 650.  He has a motorcycle workshop as neighborhood, the K1 people buy from him will be installed on motorcycle by the skilled guys. the cable layout is organized and looks neat, very firm cable connection to DVR, the cameras well placed.              

INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera Installed On 1997 Harley Davidson Road King

1997 Harley Davidson Road King  Wiring for the taillight provided me with a keyed power source, fortuitously located right under the seat. There was also a almost-perfectly sized spot for the GPS unit to be sticky-taped in the same area.
  Recording unit mounted very nicely on top of a connection block behind my right side panel. I have to remove the hard bag in order to pull the cover; not a huge pain in the ass but it’s not as simple as lifting a seat.
I’m going to pick up a 128g Micro SD card to minimize swapping cards.

Question: Can I adjust video quality to improve recording time?  I absolutely did not want to mount the cameras in a way that detracted from the aesthetics of the bike…more difficult than I thought. There’s not a lot of options that give a good view without looking very out of place.

After some trial and error, I bought some corner braces to use as mounts for the cameras, and bent/cut/drilled them to size. 

Front camera is attached at my lightbar mounts. I shortened one side of the corner brace and bent the whole thing towards the center of the bike then straight, to clear my turn signal.   The rear camera is attached to a quick release anchor for my top box. The first version used an ‘L’ bracket but I decided it needed to be closer to the rear of the bike so I bent one side of a corner brace at a right angle.   The taillight is a bit too bright when recording at night, so this may swing the decision to get a smoked lens for it. A few I’ve seen have opaque sides which would help a lot.
All in all I’m very pleased with the install. The recordings themselves are perfectly adequate for insurance use, but I’m going to use them to record fun rides with friends in addition to/instead of a GoPro or Contour.

I figure with a 128 card I should get a couple hours before I have to worry about recording over footage.
   I’ve been riding it for a week or so now and no one has asked about or even mentioned the cameras.

INNOVV 2CH Full HD Motorycle Recording System

Hi Innovv,  I have been in the market for a good dual camera set up for my bike after an accident tore my bike apart and I was unable to find the guy who did it after he ran. The snake lenses are a stroke of genius and exactly what I’m looking for, however, I was hoping to find a dual set up to cover both front and back.  I was wondering if there were any plans to add a dual lens camera to the line up. You offer a product that is exactly what bikers are looking for, no useless frills like a screen I’ll never use. Just 2 waterproof lens I can mount where I need, and a camera I can mount under the seat which provides all the security, safety from impact, and water protection we need. The only thing more I could ask for is a dual lens hub to stream line a dual set up like I am planning. Truth be told, I will probably buy 2 singles if there is no plan to create a dual lens set up and just replace the hub if an upgrade is ever made. I appreciate any incite with your future plans for this product.  Thank You, Chad Carrone   We received many messages asked for dual motorcycle recording system, and now we are working on this new development and would like to discuss with inmates about features and specifications. 

The new development has a recording unit with a 2.7″ screen for easy setting, live recording review, and two wired lenses, a wired recording control button, GPS is an optional. 

The first question is what is the length of front lens, and what length is the rear lens?
The C3 lens cable is 1.5m.

One Inmate told me front is 1.5m, and real is 0.5m, he has Ninja 650.  Two lens has cube shape solid aluminum case, the size is width x depth x high= 29mm x 37mm x 29mm. It would be similar as the below photos. There are 3 x 1/4″ screw holes on top, left, right side, That design is for “L” shape basket mounting.   

That could've went VERY VERY wrong

This is the video shared by motorcycle rider who has Innovv C3 on his bike for a while and almost caught an accident.  That time I almost got killed by a [Vulva]… but dat reflex tho!

This idiot actually drove past the lane and into the dirt shoulder.   


This is BMW K1600, People show how he install INNOVV C3 on it. Looks simple and cool.   Camera mounted on lower pan of oil cooler duct. I removed the plastic to make the hole. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to reinstall unless the upper fairing panels are removed. If you do this, punch a hole in the plastic in place, with a heated length of 1/4″ brass hobby tubing. This is the 90-degree lens, and it has a perfect view here, No cutoff bottom or top.  Camera cable (the shiny one) runs down to the left side pocket, so I could use the exiting USB connector for power.  I used brass tubing with a sharpened end in a drill to make a new hole in the existing cable grommet. then cut a slot to the hole. After reinstalling it, I sealed the slot with a 2-part urethane adhesive, which remains flexible. Silicone caulk would probably work as well.  I removed the pocket clip and and the lugs it was screwed to, along with the tripod mount to make a flat bottom on the recorder clip.  Recorder unit in side pocket. I shortened the power cable from 2M to about 6″, and stuck the clip to the side of the pocket with Command sticky strips, I have to unclip it to pull the micro-SD card if I want to copy the videos to my computer, or plug into it locally with the data cable and a laptop. The gray thing is my garage door transmitter.  The close look, Without the direct light, you can barely see it.    The front look, Nothing to put away when parked, and it’s always on when the bike is.