Where is the rear motorcycle camera?

Thanks for Martin Kristianto, he shares the installation of INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera on Kawasaki Versys 2013.  Can you find the rear camera from blow photo? DC Candra is from Indonesia and he has a bike shop for years. http://omuraracing.com/, They repair for mixed brands motorcycle under omura racing and another 4S for BMW motor under name Jakarta motor.  You can see their two mechanics are are working together to install INNOOVV K1 motorcycle camera on  Kawasaki Versys 2013.  Finished the installation, The front camera, The rear camera, DVR,  Wired control button,  

Let's Play INNOVV K1 Full HD 2 Channel Motorcycle Recording System

Sharing makes riding more fun. Thank you for sharing, Nothing more than that to be good support for us and riders.  We would like to create an environment that not only has fun with the product, the installation, people also have enjoyment with the riding, and sharing!! We have connection and taking with every customer, encourage them to share the fun with the K1.  The more fun we shared, even more fun we created,Sharing makes riding more fun,Have fun and enjoy!   

That could've went VERY VERY wrong

This is the video shared by motorcycle rider who has Innovv C3 on his bike for a while and almost caught an accident.  That time I almost got killed by a [Vulva]… but dat reflex tho!

This idiot actually drove past the lane and into the dirt shoulder.   

Innovv C3 Review -The Wired Lens Mini Camera- By Techmoan

Cube shaped action cameras aren’t suitable for all situations so Innovv thought outside the box when designing their new camera to allow for greater flexibility in camera placement.If you’ve got the time (31 mins) you can click the video below to see my full review of the C3 Mini Snake Camera.  One thing that I didn’t mention during the review was how this could be considered to be the first Motorcycle ‘Dash’ Camera. Over the years I’ve reviewed plenty of Car DVR Dashcams, but whenever people asked me if something similar was available for motorcycles I’ve always drawn a blank….until now. The C3 has all the necesssary features to make a great bike DVR . It has the ability to loop over the oldest video on the memory card, the water resistant camera can be lashed to the frame or hidden away in a fairing and the control unit can be stowed seperately in a dry area of the bike – perhaps under the seat, powered from a switched 5V USB. My bike already has a switched 12V power socket fitted, but if you need to fit one I believe that aFuseblock is a device you can install to get switched power and then add a 12V to 5V USB 1 Amp converter for the Innovv C3.But that’s just one use for a C3, but I’m sure you can think of many others. DOWNLOADABLE CLIPS   You can download samples clips from Dumptruck or Mega . Do not stream these as this downgrades the quality – you have to download the clips and then play them back from your computer to see their true original quality. If these doesn’t appear to be working the problem is at your end – try a different browser or wait a few more seconds.

More details, learn from Techmoan’s blog from below link,
Innovv C3 Review -The Wired Lens Mini Camera

INNOVV C3, The Next Step

We made the move.    Don’t be surprised, we’re not making weapons, we’re still developing mini action cameras, but finally after many months of development and testing, the versatile new INNOVV C3 snake cam is about to be released! What can you do with it?  It’s a fantastic gun camera as you can see. But more than that, very easy to mount anywhere on a motorcycle.  A really great discrete dashcam? A good looking action camera with style and better than other action cameras. Why?Do you want catch a wide world? You can have 120 degree wide angled lens.  Maybe you’re not keen on the fisheye look for your video?  A narrow lens is also supplied.           OK, so what is in the packing box?Handlebar mounts, head mount, car dash mounts, AV TV lead, charge lead and 12 volt USB plug. And even an external lapel microphone. Mounts for every purpose you can think of. More than that, Very good quality HD 1080 video, lenses and mount options and at a very competitive price. To learn more, Check out the video below.  

Niko and his DIY Bracket for INNOVV C3

Below is the dashcam mount for INNOVV C3, it is small and discrete.   But if you look at below, you should be impressed by Niko’s activity and skills of DIY, as he said, I decided to make an installation even more discrete, so I have made custom bracket / mount ( for Passat B6 / 3C ) Cutting, Polishing, Gluing   Fitting on lens  What it looks like in car, even more discrete.   Finished, and What is it? Smart and Tiny.  Close look after installation  Behind shade, Nothing can see.  How it works   Is it a smart and easy solution to make the lens case been hiding? Absolutely.  After you see the above, I believe you should have comment and ideas or could not hold to make one for yourself, why not? Just share to here