INNOVV Power Hub 1 – Review

I am always surprised how the handicraft Karl made to have the device install on his bike suitable. Below is the bracket he designed to fix INNOVV Power Hub1 on his bike, I even do not know how he made 3d drawing of the power hub1, he did not ask for it from us.    Click below link, you can see his professional review about the Power Hub1 and the solid experience.    

INNOVV Power Hub1 installed on BMW F800

  A few posts ago I showed how I added auxiliary power to my F800.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with my relay and fuse block setup I  installed.  When I was searching on INNOVV’s C3 camera I found the Power Hub 1.  It consist of a control module and 5 inline fuses circuits to add your accessories.  Each fuse is rated for 5 amps, with a total of 40 amps for all circuits.  It is designed to be connected directly to the battery with both power and ground.  The power wire has an inline 40 amp fuse.  There is also a trigger wire and a ground output wire.     More details, click below link, 

INNOVV Power Hub installed on Harley Davidson TriGlide Ultra 2016

I have a 2016 Harley Davidson TriGlide Ultra. I’m installing INNOVV Power Hub to handle just two systems (at least for now) a dual cone air horn system and INNOVV K1 motorcycle Video Recording System. The hub will be hard wired into the bikes electrical system via a dedicated electrical accessory access point on the trike made for just this sort of equipment. As I do the installation at various points I’ll take more pictures for you. The 2016 Harley Davidson TriGlide Ultra that’s getting all these new nerves of steel. Dual Cone Airhorn will be powered by a small dedicated air compressor that will sit under the Harley Horn Cone. I had to keep in mind that most locations would be open to the elements, water spray, and a lot of heat from the engine from my trike. So all the connections I make are made with water proof shrink tube professional Crimp style Butt Connectors, then covered with waterproof shrink wrap, and if needed heat resistant wire loom. I didn’t want INNOVV Power Hub to tap into the trikes electrical system just “anywhere” that was handy. That’s a recipe for problems down the line with voltage drops and malfunctions. And I didn’t want to invalidate my warranty. So I tapped into the electric harness via a dedicated electrical accessory connection point that Harley Davidson conveniently provides on each bike. It has a Positive, Negative and Switched connection. On the TriGlide it is under the left side access panel under the fuse box. After a lot of looking and thought the best location for the Power Hub turned out to be a natural void under the right side access panel on the trike. Was pretty simple to run the three power lines across and mount it with Velcro and a cable tie. I attached water proof 2-pin connectors to each of the five power lines on the hub permanently and covered the ends of the wires with shrink wrap to prevent unintentional shorting until I need a particular connector. They store very nicely in a natural void under the seat just behind the battery and Engine Commander Module above the engine. A bit of clean up with some wire loom where needed, a function test and all was good. Locating INNOVV Power Hub under the right side access panel. The five power lines are being held above temporarily out of the way. You can see that there was a perfect location there for the Hub.  All the power lines coming off the Hub are connected to 2-pin waterproof connectors using waterproof shrink wrap crimped Butt Connectors and then another layer of waterproofing shrink wrap.  Function Test – works like a charm! INNOVV Power Hub is a smaller than I thought it would be which made it much easier to place on the trike. Install, at least as far as connections, couldn’t have been easier. About the most complicated thing a person has to do is locate a good Switched power source. Most newer motorcycles provide an accessory power connection that will have one already. Well, if it were not for my bad knees I would be enjoying this immensely. Unfortunately, I have very bad knees and can only work on my trike a few hours at a time before I have to take a break and give my knees a breather. 

MO Tested: INNOVV Power Hub1

 Okay, I admit it. I’m a gadget guy, and quite frequently, those around me have to suffer through endless conversations about the latest shiny technology that has caught my eye. (Just ask my long-suffering wife, whose patience in my current home automation project is wearing quite thin.) So, you shouldn’t be surprised that, at every weekly production meeting for the past couple months, I’ve tried to schedule a review of the new Power Hub1 from Innovv. Why is it so special? Well, it allows for switched power to be distributed to up to five accessories from one location – which translates into just one switched connection to be spliced into a bike’s wiring harness.  More details, Click

INNOVV Power Hub1 Install on BMW R1200 GS

I got INNOVV Power Hub 1 to power extra accessories like phones and my two GoPros. It gives you 5 circuits switched 12 volts with a 5 amps fuse per circuit. The fuse can be replaced per your need, Max 15A is for a single circuit, Max 40A is for total 5 circuits.  I liked this because it’s water and dust proof plus it’s very cheap. The full details can be found here
The Power Hub 1    The size    The Leads, The lead to the battery were far too short so I needed to buy extra wire to lengthen the cables. I also added superseal connectors on the four of the leads and a SAE connector on the last one.You get a single ground lead and I tied all 5 grounds to this single lead.  I used the rear tail light feed for the trigger wire.      The install,   The unit fits absolutely perfectly under the tail section on my 2016 BMW R1200GS.