Rear-ended Recorded by INNOVV Motorcycle Camera

 XiSheng, He installed INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera on his bike and shared the above catching, You can see how rear camera capture what’s happens behind- seems like it never slow down till hit.( the lens was a bit dirty at that time, so the video is not very clearly, but it captured what happened, that is invaluable!)

Changing lanes without signaling

INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera footage, from front view of a cager changing lanes without signaling or looking. This short example demonstrates how INOVV K1 could be used to provide evidence in the event of a crash.   

INNOVV K1 Dual Channel Motorcycle Dashcam

I bought this a few weeks ago and finally got around to installing this on my BMW R1200 GS 2016.

Full details can be found here and best price I found is direct from Innovv Innovv motorcycle camera | motorcycle dashcam | motorcycle dvr

The quality of the unit feels very good and well made. Everything you need comes in the box as you can see below and the install is very easy.

The unit itself is not waterproof but I think it will be fine where it sits in the tail section with perhaps a piece of plastic etc on top of it. I’ll have to look at something to cover it with at some point. I am mostly happy with the position of the cameras although I might move the front one to get a better view. 
The package, 
  The front camera install,   The rear camera install,   The DVR, before and after cable connection clip added.  The GPS,  The wired control button, The video to show the automatic recording once the bike is powered on and the parking mode with motion detection.   

Motorcycle Crash and Get Recorded

Mike had install INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Black Box on his Kawasaki Z1000 half year before as below, INNOVV motorcycle camera DVR in pelican 1040 box Few days ago, Mike sent other message, I wanted to check back in with you. Your camera system saved me and the accident was totally the other drivers fault. Some one did U-turn in front of me while on the bike, which is now totaled…  I will start posting in the forums for you. I’m more than happy to do that for you. The k1 system has more than paid for itself by recording my accident on the bike.I doubt the police would have believed my story if I wasn’t able to show them the video at the scene of the accident. Mike said.  It is lucky that the accident got recorded that helps to verify what is wrong indeed, and that strengthens our conviction that the motorcycle cameras we design and develop is to protect riding and create fun.