Why do you need motorcycle camera?

Michael has installed INNOVV K1 2 Channel motorcycle camera system on his 2013 Honda F6B for more than one year, and we received the message from him as below, You can see why you need INNOVV Motorcycle camera system for motorcycling.  INNOVV K1 performs perfectly when I was rear ended on my 2013 Honda F6B This happened on March 20th on the Verrazano Bridge and INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera system captures the whole accident perfectly. I was rear ended and that propelled me into the car in front of me which, on impact, twisted my bike sideways and I hit the ground being wedged under the car in back of me. As you can see from the video I was at 4 mph when she hit me and you’ll notice she doesn’t slow down until the impact slowed her. The INNOVV video will be invaluable in the litigation that follows and I am sure she was texting which would explain not even slowing down till impact.  

INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera system installed on 2015 Indian Roadmaster

Mine is installed on a 2015 Indian Roadmaster. I had it installed by the technicians at the dealership.  The front camera is mounted between the front forks under the bottom fork tree.  The rear camera is mounted underneath the trunk/tour pack.  They installed a switch in the dash to provide an on/off power control to the unit.  The DVR and GPS are installed inside the trunk.  The emergency button is there as well, but I’ll likely move it outside along the seat since I’ve had occasion to want to preserve a video.


Attached are the installation photos. 

  1. DVR and GPS Mount on Trunk Lid

 2. Front camera under bottom fork tree.   3. Rear Camera  Power Button on Dash Under 12 Volt Socket.  Save Button under seat heater buttons.  I mounted this here with heavy duty Velcro so that it can be reached and also easily temporarily removed when the trunk or seat have to be removed for maintenance etc.  In hind sight I wish I had the technicians mount this in the dash on the other side of the dash where there is also a blank socket.            

INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera installed on 2016 BMW R1200 GS Adventure

I have a 2016 BMW R1200 GS Adventure and I have attached some pictures of installation. I recently purchased another dual camera and had nothing but problems with it from day 1.  After 1 month of going back and forth to the manufacturer and replacing almost every part on it, I finally gave up and  removed it from the bike and sent it back for a full refund.   I decided to try the INNOVV K1 after this and so far I have been happy with it.  The camera and DVR quality is far better made with the cameras being made from a good quality aluminium. The installation was very easy. I have a PDM 60 installed to run the INNOVV K1 through.  This is perfect as you can set the PDM 60 with ignition delays to avoid any power surges when starting the bike.  They cost around USD 180 but will run 6 accessories all with individual settings such as full time live, or ignition activated . You can also set each of the 6 power outlets to different amperage as long as the total does not exceed 60 amps. Again you can also set a delay with the ignition activated accessories so as not to create a power surge to the item when starting the bike.  You can also set the outlet to delay switching off after the ignition is turned off.   The camera outlet is set to 20 seconds after the ignition is switched on.  The camera is a very tight fit on the 2016 BMW GSA due to the new antilock pro  brake sensor being placed under the pillion seat.  However it does just fit very snugly.  I also think that under the seat and not out in view is also a necessity due to security and not having to remove when away from the bike.  The whole unit was very easy to install as per the pictures.  The GPS is not waterproof, so as a precaution I located it in an area that would not experience much rain,  and I also sprayed with a waterproofing agent (Motorex  Pro-Tex) . whilst this is a textile water proofer I will see how it goes.   I am not sure how the GPS would work if located under the seat in a more protected area as it may need a direct line of site with the satellite. However I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried this. 
I have only tested the cameras once and they seem to be very good.  Re-playing the files is also easy through a standard computer using the included micro card adapter.  I would not suggest continually removing the camera for playback as this could only loosen the wires over time and cause failure.  The cable clips do a great job of holding the cables steady.
 Locating the camera’s was particularly easy as they have many mounting holes giving several options for location. The DVR also gives you the option to flip the view so you can mount them upside down if required and then just flip them on the unit.  All in all a very easy installation with  approx. 300 mm of spare wire on the cameras after installation.    I really do think that waterproofing the camera and the GPS unit should be next on the development table as that will make this camera one of the best on the market.  Australia can also have very hot conditions so when attempting to waterproof the DVR, maybe something as simple as a Gore-Tex case should be considered as this will allow the unit to breathe. Finally,  I read a lot of comments about the K1 only being used as evidence in case of accident.  With a powered cradle it could be used for so much more when it comes to adventure riding. I currently use a Go Pro for the action recording but the K1 is more than capable of replacing this with a little thought to how you install it.  As mentioned, locating under the seat is really good to avoid it being stolen. However , if you were to locate it on the bike so it can be removed every day, this would lend itself to being far more versatile in recording your everyday adventures. I think a powered  cradle would be required to enable easy disconnection and connection.   BMW have done a great job with this with their Navigator V, a very simple  cradle allowing easy removal and install located on the front dashboard area. Love the camera, keep up the good work

Following and Got backed

As I got backed into after following a van down a steep hill near where I live.
The van backed into me as he was trying to let the car coming up through.
 Glad I had INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera working!   

INNOVV K1 installed on a 2016 Harley Davidson TriGlide Ultra

A little before Christmas in 2015 I took the great plunge and converted from 2 wheels to a brand new Harley TriGlide Ultra. About a month after buying it I was turning left on a green left turn arrow when an older lady ran the red light and did an illegal left turn from my left almost T-Boning me in the process. (The brake pedal that actuates both front and rear brakes on the TriGlide works amazingly well when you’re standing straight up on it while screaming like a little girl!) I decided then and there I wanted a dash-cam on my trike like I have in both my truck and my wife’s car, but the TriGlide has a tiny windscreen, with no real estate at all for a dash-cam. And, if you do mount one it’s probably just going to end up getting pilfered eventually. So I did my homework and found the INNOVV K1. My wife was kind enough to buy one for me for Christmas. In mounting on the Trike I wanted to keep a few points in mind. 1: No direct electrical drain on the trike other than from the dedicated electrical accessory point. (Harley takes every chance they can to let you know that even a stray extra fraction of a volt’s drain will cause you Harley to fold up and die (or something equally bad). 2: Keep everything as discrete as possible. I didn’t want the trike looking like it was filming a segment of the Walking Dead while going down the road.  With the first point in mind I purchased a Power Hub 1 from INNOVV and connected it to the dedicated Electrical Access Point under the left side panel of the trike. This would be the ONLY point that any accessories would connect to the trike. The Hub fit perfectly in a void under the right Side Panel, and the extra power cables stored nicely under the seat (I only needed one for the K1). All my wiring was worked in with professional grade heat shrink, protective wrapping and waterproof connectors. The Power Hub 1 fit nicely under the right side access panel. All the extra power points stored neatly under the seat for future use. The 2-Channel DVR Recorder fit very nicely in the Tour Pac on the right towards the front. This allowed me to snake the power in through the same hole as the Tour Pac wiring, then make sure it was water tight with silicon sealant. The camera cables, GPS cable and Button Cable were snaked in through the right side speaker tunnel so I didn’t have to drill any other holes in the Tour Pac.  Nice and dry in the Tour Pac. Speaker/GPS on the side of the Tour Pac (I didn’t want to take it too far out, and it works very well right there).Panic Button in a nice snug location. My last problem was mounting the cameras. The TriGlide is pretty “smooth” on the front and back, not a lot of bolts to attach cameras too. And I wasn’t hot on the idea of doing a lot of drilling into my new trike (the four holes I had to drill for the Tour Pac Luggage Rack were pretty traumatic). I played around with several ideas before settling on what turned out to be the perfect solution –  2-sided 3M Exterior Auto Trim Tape. The stuff is super tuff, and after it has a while too set it stays in place. Plus you can set your camera pretty much anywhere using the tape as the mounting point. Front mount  Rear Camera   The recorder has a bunch of settings you can use to tailor the recorder to your own taste. And the results are spectacular. One other thing I want to put in here. During the install, when ever I had a question or needed some other type of support Ellen Chen at INNOVV was absolutely spectacular. If I sent her an email she responded almost immediately every time. When I got a bit heavy handed and yanked the cable out of the GPS module that came with my K1 system they sent me a new one immediately. And the supplied equipment is well made to begin with.