INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera System – Road Test Review

The INNOVV C5 is a WiFi, Full HD, Remote Lens, Motorcycle Camera System.


Compass Expeditions was asked to test and review the INNOVV C5 Camera system on a couple of bikes in our motorcycle tour fleet. We sent one to our crew in South America and fitted the others two to our lead rider bike, a BMW R1200 GS and my own BMW F800 GS.

Our first impressions of the system were that the components were quality built for durability, compactness and simplicity. The system is comprised of a lens unit, controller unit and wiring harness. The lens and controller are housed in very solid, dust and water resistant, aluminum cases and the whole system looks like it will put up with a lot of abuse.

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INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera installed on 2016 BMW R1200 GS Adventure

I have a 2016 BMW R1200 GS Adventure and I have attached some pictures of installation. I recently purchased another dual camera and had nothing but problems with it from day 1.  After 1 month of going back and forth to the manufacturer and replacing almost every part on it, I finally gave up and  removed it from the bike and sent it back for a full refund.   I decided to try the INNOVV K1 after this and so far I have been happy with it.  The camera and DVR quality is far better made with the cameras being made from a good quality aluminium. The installation was very easy. I have a PDM 60 installed to run the INNOVV K1 through.  This is perfect as you can set the PDM 60 with ignition delays to avoid any power surges when starting the bike.  They cost around USD 180 but will run 6 accessories all with individual settings such as full time live, or ignition activated . You can also set each of the 6 power outlets to different amperage as long as the total does not exceed 60 amps. Again you can also set a delay with the ignition activated accessories so as not to create a power surge to the item when starting the bike.  You can also set the outlet to delay switching off after the ignition is turned off.   The camera outlet is set to 20 seconds after the ignition is switched on.  The camera is a very tight fit on the 2016 BMW GSA due to the new antilock pro  brake sensor being placed under the pillion seat.  However it does just fit very snugly.  I also think that under the seat and not out in view is also a necessity due to security and not having to remove when away from the bike.  The whole unit was very easy to install as per the pictures.  The GPS is not waterproof, so as a precaution I located it in an area that would not experience much rain,  and I also sprayed with a waterproofing agent (Motorex  Pro-Tex) . whilst this is a textile water proofer I will see how it goes.   I am not sure how the GPS would work if located under the seat in a more protected area as it may need a direct line of site with the satellite. However I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried this. 
I have only tested the cameras once and they seem to be very good.  Re-playing the files is also easy through a standard computer using the included micro card adapter.  I would not suggest continually removing the camera for playback as this could only loosen the wires over time and cause failure.  The cable clips do a great job of holding the cables steady.
 Locating the camera’s was particularly easy as they have many mounting holes giving several options for location. The DVR also gives you the option to flip the view so you can mount them upside down if required and then just flip them on the unit.  All in all a very easy installation with  approx. 300 mm of spare wire on the cameras after installation.    I really do think that waterproofing the camera and the GPS unit should be next on the development table as that will make this camera one of the best on the market.  Australia can also have very hot conditions so when attempting to waterproof the DVR, maybe something as simple as a Gore-Tex case should be considered as this will allow the unit to breathe. Finally,  I read a lot of comments about the K1 only being used as evidence in case of accident.  With a powered cradle it could be used for so much more when it comes to adventure riding. I currently use a Go Pro for the action recording but the K1 is more than capable of replacing this with a little thought to how you install it.  As mentioned, locating under the seat is really good to avoid it being stolen. However , if you were to locate it on the bike so it can be removed every day, this would lend itself to being far more versatile in recording your everyday adventures. I think a powered  cradle would be required to enable easy disconnection and connection.   BMW have done a great job with this with their Navigator V, a very simple  cradle allowing easy removal and install located on the front dashboard area. Love the camera, keep up the good work

Installation of INNOVV k1 on a BMW TRIPLE BLACK R1200GS 2016

 I am from Singapore and I own a motorcycle spare parts business. I see a potential in your products over in Singapore. I have attached pictures on how INNOVV K1 has been installed on a BMW TRIPLE BLACK R1200GS 2016 model.   The DVR, The reason I mount it at the side is because if I mount it under the pillion seat it will break the LCD screen again. Due to the tight space because of my RDC sensor.   The front camera,   The rear camera  

INNOVV K1 Dual Channel Motorcycle Dashcam

I bought this a few weeks ago and finally got around to installing this on my BMW R1200 GS 2016.

Full details can be found here and best price I found is direct from Innovv Innovv motorcycle camera | motorcycle dashcam | motorcycle dvr

The quality of the unit feels very good and well made. Everything you need comes in the box as you can see below and the install is very easy.

The unit itself is not waterproof but I think it will be fine where it sits in the tail section with perhaps a piece of plastic etc on top of it. I’ll have to look at something to cover it with at some point. I am mostly happy with the position of the cameras although I might move the front one to get a better view. 
The package, 
  The front camera install,   The rear camera install,   The DVR, before and after cable connection clip added.  The GPS,  The wired control button, The video to show the automatic recording once the bike is powered on and the parking mode with motion detection.   

INNOVV K1 installed on BMW GS1200

Customers group buy 4 x BMW GS 1200 and they are happy to see INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera installed on each bike.  The staff work on INNOVV K1 installation.   The front camera,    Rear camera DVR install, DVR inside of pouch the end.    Wired control button Other bikes,   Loading on truck to customers.    

INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera installed on BMW R1200 GS

Thanks for Graham, he installed the K1 motorcycle camera on his BMW R 1200 GS.  The instalation on a GS is simple.The power comes from the powerlet right alongside where the head unit sits.There is plenty of room on the bike to run the wiring without removing any parts or bodwork.I ride with two groups of riders and i have shared the install on two sites.I use that bike every day as i do not own a car. You need to make the GPS unit fully waterproof for bike use, apart from that it was easy enough to install and set up. The whole job took less than one hour. No vibration evident in the videos.