Mounting INNOVV K1 Dual cameras on Honda Glod wing 1800

I have attached some photo’s of my INNOVV K1 dual motorcycle camera installation on my Honda 1800 Goldwing. As the seat is too much of a hassle to remove to get at the display unit etc, I have mounted the power transformer and display unit in the right hand glove compartment. I never use it anyway and it is lockable for security when the bike is parked in public places. The display unit will also fit in there but I have left enough slack in the cables to mount the display on the R/H speaker grill if I wanted to see what was being recorded.

I also reversed the camera’s as the camera cabling worked out well that way with the cables fitted into the display unit. Front camera  Rear Camera   DVR on top  DVR in the right hand glove compartment Glove compartment is locked The converter in the right hand glove compartment