INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera Installed on Suzuki hayabusa

Attached is some photos of the current INNOVV C5 motorcycle camera install and the rubber grommet I used.       I’ve also attached two photos from the old install on my Hayabusa.   On the new install, I cut one of your washers at an angle so the camera could be level although the fairing is at a slight angle and located this between the camera bracket and my softer washer/grommet.  Whilst this got rid of most the vibration caused by engine resonance, I now get camera shake caused by wind pressure at motorway speeds.  We definitely need a new solution as neither work.  If the lens is secured very tightly the original bracket works at speed provided engine revs are above or below the resonance level (<4500 or >5500 rpm).  My softer washers, nearly cure the engine resonance when stationary or at low speed, but allow the camera to move at speed (60+mph).