INNOVV C3 on bike and fiber optic cable to my dashboard

With my install you can see that I did fiber optic cable to my dashboard, so I can see C3 status while driving. C3 is started together with bike ingnition and it shuts down when I shut engine down. I used your cigarete charger PCB for 12V to 5V – it is nice small PCB. I put everything into plastic box (IPOD box) so it is waterproof even when I am crossing river on my bike. Where the lens installed The fiber optic cable installed on the cut off plastic holder The fiber optic cable installed and direct contact the indicator LED The LED status seeing through the fiber optic cable The fiber optic cable on dashboard, it is easy to see on day and night time The recording unit in IPOD box, which is waterproof now The connections through the box  The box installed under seat