INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera System In Japan

  INNOVV C5 motorcycle camera system recordings in day and night in Japan. The lens is mounted on the left side of the front fork of bike, It’s Catching bright street at night, You can also see clearly the image when the bike entering tunnel, inside tunnel and leaving tunnel. It is necessary to install INNOVV C5 on your bike to know around environment on riding road.

Rear-ended Recorded by INNOVV Motorcycle Camera

 XiSheng, He installed INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera on his bike and shared the above catching, You can see how rear camera capture what’s happens behind- seems like it never slow down till hit.( the lens was a bit dirty at that time, so the video is not very clearly, but it captured what happened, that is invaluable!)

Why do you need motorcycle camera?

Michael has installed INNOVV K1 2 Channel motorcycle camera system on his 2013 Honda F6B for more than one year, and we received the message from him as below, You can see why you need INNOVV Motorcycle camera system for motorcycling.  INNOVV K1 performs perfectly when I was rear ended on my 2013 Honda F6B This happened on March 20th on the Verrazano Bridge and INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera system captures the whole accident perfectly. I was rear ended and that propelled me into the car in front of me which, on impact, twisted my bike sideways and I hit the ground being wedged under the car in back of me. As you can see from the video I was at 4 mph when she hit me and you’ll notice she doesn’t slow down until the impact slowed her. The INNOVV video will be invaluable in the litigation that follows and I am sure she was texting which would explain not even slowing down till impact.