INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera installed on BMW R1200GS

Just a few pictures of an experimental lens mount for my INNOVV C5 motorcycle camera fitted to a BMW R1200GS. It might be of interest to others out there.   I have done a Google search for 25mm clamps and am going to experiment with one design I liked if it is successful. (The clip from INNOVV is on right, The right clip was made by Infinitly of Italy)      This is the camera in the new thicker mount, it is not as neat as the OEM version but is a lot sturdier and virtually unbreakable. I am hopping because of its thick construction it will reduce the vibration.   This is the slide view of the camera in the new thicker clip, the camera can be moved back and forth with slight effort, but needs a lot of effort to rotate it because of four thin ribs in the clip that clamp the camera and stop it rotating because of the vibration.  

INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera Installed on Suzuki hayabusa

Attached is some photos of the current INNOVV C5 motorcycle camera install and the rubber grommet I used.       I’ve also attached two photos from the old install on my Hayabusa.   On the new install, I cut one of your washers at an angle so the camera could be level although the fairing is at a slight angle and located this between the camera bracket and my softer washer/grommet.  Whilst this got rid of most the vibration caused by engine resonance, I now get camera shake caused by wind pressure at motorway speeds.  We definitely need a new solution as neither work.  If the lens is secured very tightly the original bracket works at speed provided engine revs are above or below the resonance level (<4500 or >5500 rpm).  My softer washers, nearly cure the engine resonance when stationary or at low speed, but allow the camera to move at speed (60+mph).

INNOVV C5 motorcycle camera installed on Indian Chief Dark Horse

 I attached photos of INNOVV C5 motorcycle camera install on my 2016 Indian Chief Dark horse. It was easy.  I put battery terminals on the red and black wires that crimp for easy install on the battery.   I attached the yellow wire to a grey/white adapter wire that was not being used.  Everything is stashed under the seat.   The camera is on the front fork, I did not use the included bracket, find a stock mount and attached it on the fork, and that is firm. Very easy install, and I like the design and the solid built quality.  

Motorbike Accessories you need Right Now

If high speeds and the wild wind blowing through your hair excites you, then you are definitely born to ride a motorbike. Added adrenaline rush further adds to the thrill making bike a unique vehicle for the adventure seekers. The decision of owning a high-performance bike could be quite heavy on the pocket and further addition of accessories adds to the load. But lots of useful accessories are vital for making your drive safe and exciting through your favorite terrains. Thereby, choosing correct accessories becomes critical so that you don’t end up paying more for wrong useless stuff. 


We picked up some really interesting and useful accessories that are a must buy for all the adventure seeking junkies:

 1. Helmet: The most important accessory to acquire if you are planning to buy a bike or have already bought is a good quality helmet. Investing in a branded, sturdy and approved helmet is the smartest thing that you can do. Driving bikes without helmets kill the largest number of people in road accidents worldwide. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2015, 4,976 people died in motorcycle crashes and 40 percent of the motorcyclists killed were not wearing helmets. Not wearing a helmet can prove to be fatal and many serious injuries can be avoided by using a good quality helmet.According to WHO “Wearing a motorcycle helmet correctly can reduce the risk of death by almost 40% and the risk of severe injury by over 70%.”. So investing in a good helmet even though it might be a little expensive makes complete sense. 2. Eyewear: If you have opted for an open-faced helmet or helmet without a tinted glass, then having a good eyewear becomes critical to protect your eyes from dust, water or the glaring sun. Again, the glasses should be of good quality so that they successfully do what they are meant to do. 3. Riding gear: Having a proper riding gear is also of utmost importance if you are planning to go on nomadic rides on your stylish beast. It may initially sound totally unnecessary to you, but things like proper jackets, gloves, pants, boots etc are very important. They not only add tremendously to your riding experience but also protect you in harsh weather and on uneven terrains. Also adding arm protectors, leg protectors and armor vests are recommended on long journeys to protect you in case of any mishaps. God Forbid! 4. Toolset: Seriously, just like the helmets a well-equipped tools set is not an accessory but a necessity. It can be a lifesaver if any time your motorbike decides to break down in the middle of nowhere. In the long run, it might even save you quite a few bucks once you get familiar with your bike and get handy at repairing it yourself. 5. Camera: Now this here is a super cool accessory for your shiny new bike. If you love to capture memories while riding then INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera System is one of the best buys in this array. It is reasonably priced, compact in size and comes with an aluminum DVR module, USB 3 integrated heavy-duty cable, and a dedicated protective power supply in the form of a weatherproof 12-5V DC converter. It can be effectively used in harsh weather conditions as its lens is water and dust resistant. It can be easily mounted on the bike and has many amazing features. 6. Crash protection: Road trips, either long or short might involve occasional unfortunate incidents such as crashes. Once you have protected yourself with all the necessary gear, it becomes crucial to protect your precious bike too. Protective gear like frame sliders, bar ends, swingarm spools, fork sliders etc are essential in protecting your bike even after a minor crash. This initial investment could save you from much higher expenses after any such mishap. 7. Bike covers: However useless it may sound but this humble piece can be quite handy and useful in protecting your bike from severe weather conditions when you are out on a long nomadic road trip. 8. Security system: No matter how expensive or less expensive your bike is, chances are that it might get picked up by rowdy elements someday. All sorts of bikes get stolen from all sorts of places. Protecting your precious baby gets utmost important when we know that the motorcycle theft crime record is high as compared to the theft of other vehicles, such as cars. In addition to the locks-the basic security system, nowadays a sophisticated range of security system is available. From electronic alarms to GPS tracking device everything is available in the market. Installing a security system can help keep your bike safe. Investing in accessories priority wise and on installment basis can be helpful if you are on a budget. These are just a few suggestions, go ahead and explore the world of motorcycle accessories. Happy biking!!  Author BioAshley is a former journalist who quit her job to pursue her wanderlust and meet new people around the globe. She always prioritize motorcycle trips. She tries to pen down her entire travelling experience and has been constant contributor to (Click the link and follow the author)