INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera System Installed on Crosstourer 1200 from Honda

INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera System is always popular because of  its features and handy operation: 1. Ignition on/off, recording start/stop.2. Loop recording.3. Solid built and invisible.4. 2 channel full HD recording. Here are installation of INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera System on Honda Crosstourer 1200 shared by one of our customers. The front camera: The rear camera: DVR:  

INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera System Promotion Video Shooting-Ride to North Israel

There is a team led by Michael rode to North Israel with Harley Davidson 1700 motorcycle and Yamaha Tmax 530 Scooter. They headed to Hermon mountain for INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera System promotion video shooting They started to shoot at 10am and then finished the shooting at around 5pm. Pretty a hard job. Aaccording to them, they went back home after long ride at 8pm The trip was not only recorded by INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera System but also shot from Drone while riding plus some regular pics. A inspiring new is a awesome video about the trip will be coming out in few days after edit.Let’s looking forward to it!        

INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera System – Road Test Review

The INNOVV C5 is a WiFi, Full HD, Remote Lens, Motorcycle Camera System.


Compass Expeditions was asked to test and review the INNOVV C5 Camera system on a couple of bikes in our motorcycle tour fleet. We sent one to our crew in South America and fitted the others two to our lead rider bike, a BMW R1200 GS and my own BMW F800 GS.

Our first impressions of the system were that the components were quality built for durability, compactness and simplicity. The system is comprised of a lens unit, controller unit and wiring harness. The lens and controller are housed in very solid, dust and water resistant, aluminum cases and the whole system looks like it will put up with a lot of abuse.

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Instalacion Camara INNOVV C5 en BMW R 1200 GS LC

This is the INNOVV C5 installation shared by our Spanish customer– Rafa   “Recientemente he contactado con la fábrica de cámaras tipo “dashcam” de INNOVV para moto, quad, etc. lleva varios en el mercado de USA con buenos resultados, por youtube hay bastantes videos de grabaciones. Concretamente se trata de la INNOVV C5, consta de una cámara, transformador y unidad de control. La cámara y la unidad son impermeables y de construcción bastante sólida. …”  More details, click below link:

INNOVV C5 Camera System Review


The C5 single channel camera system is a newer offering from INNOVV providing a lot of desirable features for powersports activities, particularly motorcycling enthusiasts, at a very reasonable price.

Compact and ruggedized, the modular-based Innovv C5 provides a sealed waterproof lens, an aluminum DVR module, USB 3 integrated heavy-duty cable and a dedicated protective power supply in the form of a weatherproof 12-5V DC converter.


When networked to a compatible smart device running the iOS or Android INNOVV app, users can configure the system for set-once use or interact dynamically to preview/live-view, review video and manage the system.


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