INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera system installed on 2015 Indian Roadmaster

Mine is installed on a 2015 Indian Roadmaster. I had it installed by the technicians at the dealership.  The front camera is mounted between the front forks under the bottom fork tree.  The rear camera is mounted underneath the trunk/tour pack.  They installed a switch in the dash to provide an on/off power control to the unit.  The DVR and GPS are installed inside the trunk.  The emergency button is there as well, but I’ll likely move it outside along the seat since I’ve had occasion to want to preserve a video.


Attached are the installation photos. 

  1. DVR and GPS Mount on Trunk Lid

 2. Front camera under bottom fork tree.   3. Rear Camera  Power Button on Dash Under 12 Volt Socket.  Save Button under seat heater buttons.  I mounted this here with heavy duty Velcro so that it can be reached and also easily temporarily removed when the trunk or seat have to be removed for maintenance etc.  In hind sight I wish I had the technicians mount this in the dash on the other side of the dash where there is also a blank socket.            

Blind Veterans UK Ride for Life Beyond Sight Loss 2017

The ride from Moreton in Marsh to Brighton in aid of Blind Veterans UK. INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera system-Blind veternas UK rider My charity ride in aid of blind veterans, That was recorded by INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera system, I saws cameras from friends, and purchased one set eventually to give me piece of mind with the idiot drivers out there. Before riding on it on the road, I asked assistance from my friends, and get it installed on BMW1200GSA LC, Looks good.    The camera system worked great as to protect the ride and record what happened on the way!