Mounting INNOVV K1 Dual cameras on Honda Glod wing 1800

I have attached some photo’s of my INNOVV K1 dual motorcycle camera installation on my Honda 1800 Goldwing. As the seat is too much of a hassle to remove to get at the display unit etc, I have mounted the power transformer and display unit in the right hand glove compartment. I never use it anyway and it is lockable for security when the bike is parked in public places. The display unit will also fit in there but I have left enough slack in the cables to mount the display on the R/H speaker grill if I wanted to see what was being recorded.

I also reversed the camera’s as the camera cabling worked out well that way with the cables fitted into the display unit. Front camera  Rear Camera   DVR on top  DVR in the right hand glove compartment Glove compartment is locked The converter in the right hand glove compartment  

INNOVV K1 Dual Camera on Triumph Tiger Explorer

 Thanks Raphael for sharing his solid experience in INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera. 


The kit includes two cameras, one for the front, one for the rear, a recorder with a touch screen, a GPS and speaker and a “click to protect” remote. The first thing I liked about this kit is the price: $265.00 which is same or even lower than many action cam. The box includes all you need to install the kit, you just need to add a micro-SD memory card, which they can sell as an option for a very good price.

INNOVV is a friendly company to do business with, they shipped the kit quickly and were very responsive and helpful on a software issue I had (see below).



I am very pleased with the system; it was relatively easy to install and it produces quality videos.


RoadRUNNER Magazine Tested INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera

Zen Motorcyclist tested and reviewed INNOVV K1 Motorcycle camera system for RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring and Travel Magazine on a foggy October commute in southeastern Pennsylvania.The camera installed on his 2012 Suzuki V-Strom, below is the testing video.    The review was released on The issue of Jan/Feb, 2017, Click the photo to see the digital issue,  You can click below link to see the copy of the review. INNOVV Motorcycle Camera 

INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Dashcam Installed on Ducati Street Fighter S

I’m gonna mount INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Dashcam on my Ducati streetfighter S. I bought it to film my Holliday in Switzerland, that is in 3 weeks.   Today i installed my new innovv K1 camera set. Let me start by saying how nice everyting looks. The camera quality is great and im impressed with the sound quality. The DVR is mounted on under seat, to avoid it to get overheat, I installed 2 fans around, Once DVR starts recording, the fan will works to get air flow, to cool down DVR when riding in the hot days.    I also made the bracket for rear camera install,  Below is the riding test, I like it very much as it can track my riding route with detailed data.   

INNOVV Power Hub Review

Thank Rick from for INNOVV Power Hub review, And since Power Hub development,, he reviewed many different motorcycle power distribution products, and have rich experience and knowledge. Always, the review is very professional and detailed, from background/knowledge introduction, to the power hub 1 connection, install, and function & performance check, recommendation, conclusion.  Click below to see more details,