INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera install on Ducati Diavel 2015

NO custom parts needed. I used the brackets that come with the product. Had to find the perfect spot for it under the seat considering my EFI controller was already under there. Never fails me, perfect video quality, easy to remove DVR. I love INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera System and can’t stop telling people about it as well as telling them to get one.         

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Has INNOVV Motorcycle camera installed

I have to compliment you on the packaging which is very good. Also as soon as you are holding the parts and camera’s you can see and feel the high quality of the product! Very impressed already!

Very complete kit, I used your brackets for the install and am very happy with them.

I have posted these photo’s to the ADV rider forum already including my comments.     


The design and development of Innovv™

If people have knowledge or experience of the Chinese electronics industry, they will know of Huaqiangbei.  It’s one of largest electronics markets in China and the world with10 thousand retail outlets, more than 20 shopping malls and a daily traffic of more than 0.5 million people.  Why is it so large and successful? The only reason is you can find any electronics part and any product there at the low possible price!  Why do they have the lowest possible price? Because of competition.  There are over 0.3 million electronics manufactures within 120km! But the competition is tough, ever tough. When struggling to survive the manufacturers must keep costs down, always using cheaper materials and also making fake and copied products, So not only the “Lowest possible price”, but “Poor quality” and “Counterfeit” are Huaqiangbei’s other reputation. This has a big negative impact on “Made in China”. To complete reading, Please click 

DIMIKA and Mycrocam – Who copied Whom?

What do you think when see these two products?Left is DIMIKA,Right is Mycrocam. DIMIKA is new released product from a Hongkong company, has spec below,Feel the FullHD experience by capturing  video clips with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixel by 30 frames per second and a wide angle of 140 degree (AoV).  Mycrocam is from Germany, is the spec in Germany,

Fotoauflösung: 5 Megapixel
Videoauflösung: 1280×720 Pixel
Bilder pro Sekunde: 30 fps
Aufnahmezeit: bis zu 1 Std. Aufnahme
Microfon: eingebaut für Tonaufnahme
Speicher 2-32 GB: MicroSD Karte nicht enthalten
Stromversorgung: Plug&Play & Akku laden per USB
Gewicht: ca. 17 Gramm
Maße LxBxH: 5 cm x 3 cm x 1 cm
EAN Code: 4260235380179

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Today, Nov. 24th 2013, is the big day for the Innovv C1. It is the day the product is finally ready. People can now order it! People can now have the C1 in their hand, see it, touch it, and like it. Everyday I`ve received emails asking the status of the product and when it will be ready, It`s great to see that people like the C1, but I’ve also been under heavy pressure to bring this product to people quickly! Thanks to everyone who has given me their support during the development stage. I’ve been very encouraged by their messages, here are some, To complete reading, Please click

To RC People

This blog is from Innovv Team for people on the RC Group.Innovv C1 is born and We’d like to introduce it to people on the forum.  I fully understand that people will associate the Innovv with the team of the #18, and will assume that support and communication for the Innovv C1 will be no different to that for the #18 or #26. Firstly, I can tell people that while Innovv has support from the team of #18, it operates independently. (More information regarding this can be found from the blog.) Due to the association behind, Innovv C1 and Mobius, People should compare with these two cameras, Mobius has been a great success,

  • People are talking about it everyday,
  • It has a good reputation and is successor to the #16,
  • Tom Frank has over ten years experience in managing and leading discussion on the forum to support on Mobius threads.
  • Isoprop is supporting on FW and new development, communication with people in technology. 


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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014!

Dear Friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014!
Good will, success and happiness be with you this Christmas and wishing you a prosperous new year!
 This letter is from the Innovv team with greetings and a look forward to what’s planned for the coming year. We have been thrilled by the response to the Innovv C1 and C2 we introduced, most notably by RC Groups users and people on the DashCamTalk forum. As people have learned from our blogs, Innovv was born for people on the forums. When I first saw how active the discussion was on the forums about the key chain cams I was really surprised. There were questions, answers, posts of support and posts against.  After reading pages and pages of posts I understood that people love to share their experiences, not only for a camera which is tiny in size, has good video quality and is user friendly, but also to share the fun of their hobby!  Hopefully the Innovv will fulfill people’s hobby and bring fun too? We have seen some interesting comments on the forums for our new Innovv already. In 2014, we will make significant improvements regarding the points below to build Innovv into a trusted brand with a good reputation amongst users. To complete reading, click

The Innovv–Hobbyist Group

As we have discussed, Innovv was born for a hobby, for fun and for sharing. We are building an Innovv-Hobbyist Group to get all Innovv lovers together, to get connected and to communicate. 


Now we are creating the program- The hobbyist, The video.
All Innovv lovers will be invited to record and collect video clips, which would be fun, nice, interesting, or whatever people like. and the video clips will uploaded to Innovv ActionCam Channel

Techmoan and The Innovv C1 review

Thanks to Techmoan for his review, that’s the best present he could make to the C1 & C2 to people. As he mentioned in his blog,  This is a very interesting little camera with a number of clever features. The manufacturer has set-out to make the best mini 1080p camera, watch the video to see if they succeeded.  I like his review, as do many others. Great review as usual. Interesting and informative in all regards. A pleasure to watch.  People are no doubt say this because of his accomplished photographing skill, professional knowledge and high quality video reviews. I am surprised the 4 colors C1 can be shown as nice as below and with his pleasant voice,  “The camera is pleasure to use, feeling is very comfortable in hand “. That is also a great present. It was a major goal in our design and I am proud that we achieved it  –  See it. Touch it.  Like it!  To complete reading, Click

The exploring in west of China

I usually like to holiday where I’ve been before, but sometimes new places are fresh and enjoyable. During this Chinese New Year Holiday, my family and I visited Sichuan province in the south west of China and I was reminded how much I love traditional Chinese culture, food and nature. We stayed in a relative’s house in Chengdu city and the first two days we went across this city which has thousands of years of history. Unfortunately, my first impression was not the historical buildings, it was the crowds of people! We only could get peace from these in the famous parks where we found some quiet. We found single traditional buildings and a small theater with the performances in the yard where people can sit in the yard or in tea houses that surrounded it. You can see them in the photos and video below. I liked the solid wooden table and chairs, the painting on the wall that allow me drinking and watching The Face Change like people did hundreds of years before. The Face Change has been over hundreds of year, but only few persons can do. The actor changed the paintings on his face in second and people are amazed. To complete reading, Click