INNOVV Motorcycle Camera Fitting For YAMAHA MT-09 Tracer

The K1 kit arrived safely and I’ve now fitted it to my Yamaha MT-09 Tracer (FJ-09 in USA). I’m very impressed with the quality of the product and have shared this information and my fitting photos with my motorcycle group – one member placed his order for a kit today!  1. Front camera Screen, front and left side panels removed. Camera cable passed up under honeycomb trim.  Camera mounted under headlights using adhesive pad. Also supported by cable trapped behind honeycomb trim. Front camera fitted. 2. GPS receiver Fitted to tank using adhesive pad. Will be covered by tank surround panel when refitted. 3. Switch Fitted to handlebar switch assembly with adhesive pad.All leads run from front of bike to under seat area inside frame and behind side panels.  4. Rear camera Rear rack removed and bracket fabricated to mount camera. Slight twist to align camera downwards. Bracket painted black, rack refitted and camera mounted. 5. DVR   

INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera Installed on Honda Transalp 700

 Thanks for Robert to share the photos, he has K1 car and motorcycle camera sets, and you can see his below comment as well,   You know, car is a must, by motorbike is my passion, so only the best for her ;o) And Ya, its only myself who is doing everything around her, service, updates, extras… I love it. And to fit Your cameras was easy, cause You supply everything needed – full kit – so no problem at all!Ya, sure, share, please send me a link then, so that i can answer possible questions – if someone have ref to Honda Transalp 700… Positive experience is the best reference and let me make You sure, I will give only the best related to both – the product itself and Your approach as well – from first moment!           

INNOVV Motorcycle Camera on 2015 Triumph Tiger 800

I originally had an action camera installed on the bike, but wanted a more permanent setup with both front and rear cameras. A friend of mine brought your product and said how good the quality was. I researched your product on line and the reviews were all good so I brought one. Also your product seemed to be the only one which met my requirements. My only comment was the supplied brackets were not suitable for my type of bike so I needed to look for alternative options. I understand that you cannot possibly supply brackets for all types of install, so this is not a complaint just a comment. I think collecting different photos of installations on your website is a good idea so that customers can look at the different mounting solutions to get an idea how they can install their system. The instructions provided has no problem to follow and installation took about 3 hours in total. I have attached some photos of the installation for your records.