Let's Play INNOVV K1 Full HD 2 Channel Motorcycle Recording System

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Dashcam Review: Innovv K1 2-channel Motorcycle DVR

Apologies in advance for the long post, but thought I’d share my experience with installing my new dashcam on my NCX – something I wanted to do for some time, but have been putting of until now.


As a commuter who uses his NCX every day around London, I’ve always wanted to install a dashcam on my bike for the extra insurance against those sleepy/angry/doing makeup/on the phone cagers we deal with on the daily peak hour commute. Having had two SMIDSYs in the past, I figured it’s probably a matter of when, not if, the next one will be, so best have that little extra insurance, just in case.


I know there are hundreds of different options out there, but for me, the solution had to be:

  • Permanent and wired in – Plugging it in and changing batteries and switching it on and off every time I ride will get tiring.

  • Discrete  – Needed to be tucked away and just “work”. I knew this meant more work installing it, but nothing screams “rob me” than a shiny GoPro flimsily clamped onto the handlebars.

  • Not too expensive –  Enough to pay for decent quality, but not so much that it’s obvious the profit’s spent on sponsoring extreme sports and filming bikini clad girls on exotic beaches.

  • Front and back – The more coverage the better.

  • Dashcam features – Functions specific to dashcam recorders, like auto on/off, motion detection, SD card cycling, etc.

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