That could've went VERY VERY wrong

This is the video shared by motorcycle rider who has Innovv C3 on his bike for a while and almost caught an accident.  That time I almost got killed by a [Vulva]… but dat reflex tho!

This idiot actually drove past the lane and into the dirt shoulder.   

Innovv C3 motorcycle "dash"cam installed on the R1200GS / 2011

“Just install, wire the power in, set to Loop and forget it until you need the footage.” (Voz comment)

Set-up using a old radio-front box under the (GSA) seat of the R1200GS / 2011 to suit the Innovv C3 recording-unit.

Installed a 12 to 5 volt (USB) converter under the tool box area and is connected from the switch power (fusebox) to the recording-unit, so it starts recording when the power is on.

The cam itself is behind the windscreen to give it a bit more protection against rain and dust.
I do get some reflection from the bike-screen but that doesn’t bother me for the way I use the cam 🙂