INNOVV, Like it! Copy and Steal it?

I called the guy and he admitted they copied INNOVV, their business logic is Like it, Copy it and Steal it!! He told me building the copied molds is cheap, so they did! He is right, copy is always cheap!! They make cheap product with poor quality. And I am surprised he never feels shame when I inquired why he is doing so, he told me “My brother, Never mind I did the copy, we could not do business together, why not we can be friend!”, He comforted me that the copy may help INNOVV’s brand building and let people well known it, he encouraged me to appreciate his copy. To complete reading, Click          

The First Moto DashCam, INNOVV C3

Thanks for Kim from UK, who design the below banner, it is very smart design, that the best present the features of the C3, the small and discreet lens case, and interchangeable lens, very impressive!   Below photo is from Fishie in Singapore, who took the below beautiful photo after his two the C3 installed. the lens is under head light.   Below is the close look, it is from other bike. This is 90 degree lens attached on the mount to solid glue on the bike. The lens is aluminum made, solid and waterproof, do not worry about ridding in the raining days, and it will never draw the thief’s attention when leave it alone.   This is to show how the recording unit installed. it is under seat. Transit the power from 12V to 5V to connect the recording unit, once the bike power on, the recording start, power off, the recording stop. and loop recording let the last video clip to replace the first one, you do not worry the SD card is full.  Here is the recordings in day and night, the C3 is under head light, it records where you go.