Innovv C2 is flying on beach

A quick flight around Guerilla Bay on the far South coast of NSW with the zmr250, This little cam can take a beating and just keeps producing nice video.   Slope Soaring a Cloud AXN at Hope Beach in southern Tasmania,   


This is BMW K1600, People show how he install INNOVV C3 on it. Looks simple and cool.   Camera mounted on lower pan of oil cooler duct. I removed the plastic to make the hole. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to reinstall unless the upper fairing panels are removed. If you do this, punch a hole in the plastic in place, with a heated length of 1/4″ brass hobby tubing. This is the 90-degree lens, and it has a perfect view here, No cutoff bottom or top.  Camera cable (the shiny one) runs down to the left side pocket, so I could use the exiting USB connector for power.  I used brass tubing with a sharpened end in a drill to make a new hole in the existing cable grommet. then cut a slot to the hole. After reinstalling it, I sealed the slot with a 2-part urethane adhesive, which remains flexible. Silicone caulk would probably work as well.  I removed the pocket clip and and the lugs it was screwed to, along with the tripod mount to make a flat bottom on the recorder clip.  Recorder unit in side pocket. I shortened the power cable from 2M to about 6″, and stuck the clip to the side of the pocket with Command sticky strips, I have to unclip it to pull the micro-SD card if I want to copy the videos to my computer, or plug into it locally with the data cable and a laptop. The gray thing is my garage door transmitter.  The close look, Without the direct light, you can barely see it.    The front look, Nothing to put away when parked, and it’s always on when the bike is.   

ToyRun 2014 World's Fastest Santa!

This is from RidingWithTom, people are very impressed,  Great event really good cause to! Loving the stunting at the end, what camera did you use for the slowmo stuff? 

Very nice ride. Can’t wait ’till I get a bike and do a good long ride like that, uninterrupted and no camera bull shit though =P

Shoot my toy run up here was wet and cold. It looks like it was sunny and warm down there. 

Awesome. Nice costume. Luckily you can ride your bikes in winter too.. Not so in Europe. 🙁
  Stay Cool! Why not bring INNOVV C3 to guys? Have fun and enjoy!