INNOVV C3 HDMI Extension Cable

“I want to lens cable to be 3m, how to do?”
“When 3m lens cable is available?
“I want to extend lens cable to be 3m or longer, how to do?”
“Where to buy the extension cable to get lens reach 3m?”

People keep sending message asking for above, Here is the answers,

To have lens reached 3m or longer, you can buy the extension cable, which is available from below link,

Thanks for @willy510, he found it and tested, it works well.   BTW, people may ask why we do not offer 3m lens cable which has been discussed during the development.
We have tested 3m lens cable samples, it works well and be ready to release,
Later we found 3m long for car is OK but for motorcycle, it is too long, people want C3 can be on car and motorcycle, so extension cable will be a smart solution.

Innovv C3 Review -The Wired Lens Mini Camera- By Techmoan

Cube shaped action cameras aren’t suitable for all situations so Innovv thought outside the box when designing their new camera to allow for greater flexibility in camera placement.If you’ve got the time (31 mins) you can click the video below to see my full review of the C3 Mini Snake Camera.  One thing that I didn’t mention during the review was how this could be considered to be the first Motorcycle ‘Dash’ Camera. Over the years I’ve reviewed plenty of Car DVR Dashcams, but whenever people asked me if something similar was available for motorcycles I’ve always drawn a blank….until now. The C3 has all the necesssary features to make a great bike DVR . It has the ability to loop over the oldest video on the memory card, the water resistant camera can be lashed to the frame or hidden away in a fairing and the control unit can be stowed seperately in a dry area of the bike – perhaps under the seat, powered from a switched 5V USB. My bike already has a switched 12V power socket fitted, but if you need to fit one I believe that aFuseblock is a device you can install to get switched power and then add a 12V to 5V USB 1 Amp converter for the Innovv C3.But that’s just one use for a C3, but I’m sure you can think of many others. DOWNLOADABLE CLIPS   You can download samples clips from Dumptruck or Mega . Do not stream these as this downgrades the quality – you have to download the clips and then play them back from your computer to see their true original quality. If these doesn’t appear to be working the problem is at your end – try a different browser or wait a few more seconds.

More details, learn from Techmoan’s blog from below link,
Innovv C3 Review -The Wired Lens Mini Camera