Thanks go to Patrick MacRitchie

How do you feel when you are watching the videos  linked below? Easy to watch and very enjoyable?  When I  found that video I couldn’t believe it was recorded by the  INNOVV C1! The clear and beautiful views, easy listening music and very  high quality video.  It was great to watch and the others I’ve linked are the same.   You will no doubt be interested to know who is behind these videos after seeing them. I was and so I sent a message to Patrick saying how much I enjoyed his videos and telling him I was proud that such videos  were recorded by our product.  He got in touch and told me the C1 was a present from a friend,  he’s very pleased with the gift and finds it a great little camera for aerial video and other video work.  After learning more about our new INNOVV products he told us he likes the designs and created some videos to the best present the camera to people. It’s great news that he wants to present Innovv to a wider audience. A great present for INNOVV.  I should mention that Patrick has a lot of experience in video recording and editing, plus a passion for his hobby. When I mentioned to him we are now developing the C3 he made another video, it’s a new presentation video and is linked below.  It’s a very good way to introduce it to new customers.   My thanks go to Patrick MacRitchie, he’s the best present the brand that could have to show our products to people and it’s great support for us!  You can see more of his videos on his YouTube Channel here.Patrick MacRitchie 

INNOVV C1&C2 Operation Instruction

We received emails from people asked how to upgrade FW and make the correct GUI setting, or missed up the key functions.We understand people usually are tired to follow up the instruction addressed on the spec sheet on website against with camera on hand to get the right start up.One photo can instead of million words, One video would be billion words. To get the job easier, with the support from Bobflyman, the short, simple instruction videos have been created.  The Firmware upgrading instruction video  The GUI upgrading instruction video  The Basic Operation instruction video   You also can find more instruction videos from INNOVV Action Channel, the operation instruction section is there. For more detailed information, You should check from the spec sheet on Innovv website.The above videos also can be found from there. 


 The is the information from India news paper, Title: Finding India on a Two Wheeler.
The two guys traveled for 44 days, 16000 km across India on that motorcycle on the picture. One is a photographer and the second guy is the Secretary of a Rider’s Club here. The trip was a self sponsored one to spread awareness about organ transplant across India. Next they are planning a European trip for the same.
 What is the special?Inside the red box you can find an Innovv C1 mounted on the handlebar with the weatherproof case. the camera stood well in the harsh Indian climate. We learned the above information from our distributors in India, they sponsored the Innovv C1 to two guys running across the India to let people know how good the camera is, and would keep sponsor their wheeling across Europe.  More than that, you can see below photos.They are thinking how to the best present Innovv to people and making such marketing stuff.  As the developer and manufacturer of Innovv, we are so exciting to see their great ambition inIndia and we’d like to do our fully support to them and win customers in India.  

INNOVV Product Review and Affiliate Program

We understand the online user reviews is a good indicator of the intensity of underlying word-of-mouth effect and increase awareness, INNOVV is welcoming reviewers and encourages people to make the product reviews, that is one of the best way to let people know well about INNOVV and its products. To support product review, INNOVV is pleased to offer the affiliate program to reward INNOVV product reviewers, bloggers and others who lead people to INNOVV authorized distributor- and brought INNOVV and other products.    It is easy to do, register from the link by following up the instruction, or send message- I would like to do product review on INNOVV contact page and you will get paid once people bug products after read your reviewing.    Yes, you will get paid once your reviewing is professional and attractive, Good reviews help people know the products, they can be confident and happy to click the buying link and pay for their purchases.    The payment to you will be not less, 5% of total purchased amount or more that depends on how influence your reviewing is. Would like to enjoy the easy lifestyle? Just get started with product reviewing and make it influencing.     

What is the good motorcycling cam, Where is it?

Many motorcyclist are looking for the best cam for motorcycling, This vlogger is not alone, many motorcycling guys and vloggers would like the best gear to record their adventures and the enjoyable rides.  From below video you know how fantastic a motorcycle ride can be and why a good camera is needed for these enthusiastic guys.  What is the good one in mind? Speak out. Yes, the guys did base on their up to 35 years ridding experiences,  Base on guys ideas, the feature wish list of a good motorcycling cam now has been sorted out,  Yes, it would be a fantastic motorcycling camera if the listed features were included.   
But where is it? Do not worry, keep eye wide open on in coming month. We are working on this!

DashCamTalk and INNOVV

Nowadays a product could not live without the online community, that’s because everyone is buying online now instead of going to local stores where they can physically test the products. Before clicking the ‘pay’ button, People need to learn from others experience if a product is good enough, so the communities for sharing and discussing are very important for a product to build their reputation. Dashcamtalk is that kind of community, it’s specifically for dashcam products, a new product category launched in recent years. From the ‘about’ page, we can learn that before DashCamTalk was created, the DashCamMan had spent many hundreds of hours of searching and learning to get the most “bang for his buck” as there were many fake models and less reputable vendors. He purchased his first Dashcam based on researching and realized a site was needed for sharing experiences and he knew that real professional reviews on dashcams would be helpful.  He created it and his goal has been achieved, DashCamTalk is the most popular dashcam forum online now. People can find information on dashcams from well selected vendors and compare them for the best need based on function, quality and price. There are genuine professional reviews and experiences from the members (6631 members so far and keep growing every day). Some people on the forum are the best known in the dashcam world, they have tested over 100 models and have no plan to stop, like Niko. From the member list, you would be surprised to see Jokiin has posted 7038 messages and has received 2038 likes at this moment. He is a powerful man in the forum based on his solid experience, knowledge and good faith. He has products under GuardTrak. Jazjon is the other well known member and has just teamed up for selling dash cam from www.roadcam.comand his Amazon and ebay accounts. We miss Mtz, he has left the forum for quite a while, but he mentioned he will be back.Jazjon just posted that Innovv is the top search result when searching Google for DashCam Forum. Innovv has been well known from its story of 808 key chain camera and the rival of Mobius. I have discussed with Isoprop (we had un-friendly discussions on the forum before). See it, Touch it, Like it, Innovv keep focusing on design and develop the products people will be pleased to have. I am not going to think about how to compete with Mobius, instead we have respect for each other. After C1, C2 were released, I fully understood you cannot build a brand and develop a great product in one day. You need to learn from your mistakes and people’s feedback and make improvements, and that takes time. DashCamTalk, is the right forum for listening and learning. We will release the C3 in coming monthes, and later C4 and I’m sure the improvements that have been made will be welcomed and INNOVV will be trusted by people. 

Ienovo, Innovv, INNOVV

We have revised the logo for Innovv because of some comments made on Techmoan’s review on YouTube. I created the word of INNOVV, it is from innovate, and I like it because it is simple and inspirit to innovate, to explore everyday. There was no intention to mislead or confuse it with another well known brand. But after seeing the above, the designer gave me the new design below in minutes and I approved it without any hesitation because it best presents what it will be.  I started to hear from people the design is close to Ienovo after people saw the logo on the product, but I did not care it so much because two logos have different letters and I like it so much till I saw the above comments that mentioned the copy.  I hate any copies include someone copied the C1. I don’t like the idea that people may think I tried to copy a brand name so below is the new logo.  The new logo is all capitals and bold, looks more trustable and people do not need to change case when typing. It keeps it simple. BTW, it may be interesting to learn why I created the brand for my products, it was because of comments made by the founder of Ienovo. He mentioned in a speech that when he and others started to sell computers to customers, the competition was very hard, all computers from him and his competitors were same, the customers could not find the difference, so he created the brand and label on his computers, and spent a lot of effort on brand reputation building, in the end customers trusted the brand and he got successes in the last.  Ienovo is known worldwide, INNOVV is on the way to that goal. 

INNOVV C1, C2 & SJ1000, SJ4000

Techmoan found the SJ1000 and SJ 4000 action cameras, reviewed them and has introduced them to many people so they are now very well known. OK, let’s say a new distributor would like to sell INNOVV C1, C2 & SJ1000, SJ4000. He makes some inquiries and reaches over 20 contacts and they all said they make the SJ1000 & SJ4000. He gets very confused, So who is the real manufacturer? Like other non-brand products made in China, you won’t find any manufacturers information on the product or the packaging and that seems like a man who is not willing to tell people he is the father of the son.  It is unbelievable, but why? Below are the reasons:

  1. The products are very likely to be copies and hiding contact info is to avoid legal troubles.
  2. Their sales rely on trading companies who do not want people get factory price from manufacturers instead of them.

  Now the manufacturer knows their products have been well discussed by people and I believe they would like to stand in front of their products and tell people who they are, in the way that INNOVV are doing.  To do this it is critical… 

  1. They are willing and have confidence to create the original design instead of clone?
  2. They are willing to take risk of sales decline if the trading companies betray them. 

  In China, making a product similar to other big brands and selling with non-brand is easy and has low cost. when they consider the risks and return of investment in creating a new brand, design and develop a product from the initial idea, what INNOVV is doing would be stupid, they are thinking how fast to make money, instead of creates long term value for the business and for their customers with a trustable brand value.   That is the different between the INNOVV C1, C2 and SJ1000, SJ4000.   

INNOVV Action Cam Shared and Rewarded

We has the blog- TheInnovv–Hobbyist Group to invite people to share the videos with INNOVV lovers, more than that, we would like to reward people who share the videos.  Since now the new designed rewarded card as below has been placed into the INNOVV action cam packaging box, it has a double size of the name card.  Sharing makes playtime more fun! You can record everyday with the INNOVV, and some videos are amazing with high quality, why not share them with other INNOVV owners and people? You should be able to catch some fantastic moments if you have INNOVV action cam with you all the days, Why not share them to have fun and enjoy? Sharing is simple and easy!You only need to upload your INNOVV videos to You Tube and send the link to the videos are interesting, funing, Nice or being pleasure to watch, they will be collected to the INNOVV Action Cam channel.  Shared and Rewarded!We encourage people to do so, because you can image how fantastic if you could watch the group of videos from the people like you who has the INNOVV action camera, INNOVV owners are grouped and be shared. We know some people are likely to enjoy the sharing from others but lazy to share, this reward card is to encourage people to be active. A free 16GB SD card will be received once shared and collected! More sharing and more fun! Why not?