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Hey guys. Wondering if anyone has found or is running a dash cam on their motorcycle. I have one in my car, no reason not to have one on the bike. Near misses are a daily thing here so it would be smart. I would like one on the helmet but having to plug/unplug, deal with batteries, and turning on/off will be a huge pain. Id rather one mounted to the front of the bike, turn on/off with the bike and cycle video's. More so to prove what I was doing if I get hit. Thanks! -Krookz

I've been looking for a dashcam style camera for my motorcycle for a bit after seeing a few accidents and I started talking to Rock at a little while ago about the motorcycle/action camera that he was developing. He decided to let me do some pre-production testing on his new C3 remote lens camera. He sent me a unit to test and see what I thought of it.- willy510